Escaping the Tyrant

Flight for Freedom

Detention Center

Having freed over ninety prisoners, most of whom were Rebels captured on Hoth, Kamahl and Quinn need to escape the Star Destroyer. Quinn had stated he would slip into engineering in an attempt to disable the Destroyer by sabotaging its inner works.

Colonel Flambeaux would be willing to lead the prisoners toward the hangars to steal shuttles. Kamahl had indicated he wanted to lead Flambeaux back to the Stormtrooper barracks to retrieve his stashed commando suit and have Flambeaux put on the Stormtrooper armor first. To Flambeaux, the sidetrek to retrieve a replaceable piece of gear is a waste of time. His only concern is getting to the hangar and stealing shuttles.

Whether Kamahl goes with Quinn or the prisoners will be up to him. They know at least thirty Stormtroopers stand between them and Quinn’s ship. Then there is the matter of time and what exactly Quinn plans to do to sabotage the destroyer.

Leaving Hoth

Rath and Evincar’s squadron are flying escort to a sizeable fleet of shuttles leaving Hoth’s atmosphere. If they have to fly past the ISD Tyrant while it is at full operation it will be a massacre.

Rath and Evincar will have to decide if they want to risk a run to the established jump or divert to a pirate jump point and pray. Then there is the question of the TIE’s and the Star Destroyer threat to escaping shuttles from its own bay.

Evincar’s Raptor is a Loronar Prototype Space Superiority Fighter. Phoenix One, Rath’s ship, is an optimized Y-Wing with lots of extras. Three of the X-Wings have taken noteable damage. The shuttles are no match for the TIE’s and the ISD’s guns.


The Big Game

Sage Tymon passed the time playing the local casinos, winning and losing just enough to stay even and get comped a room and meals. He had sixteen days till his meet with the local Black Sun leader to sell the Bacta and ten days until he could get into a big game. The entry fee is 25,000 credits and the prize is 500,000 credits, winner take all.

Each day, Sage will face a table of three random opponents. The third day, if he makes it that far, will be the “Final Four” table with each player having beat six opponents. Chips are held by the club between games and moved to the next table.

And then…

Black Jack’s Hacienda

Sage has a meeting with the local leader of the Black Sun’s at his hacienda to negotiate the sale of approximately five million credits worth of Bacta and the purchase of a medium transport. Sage’s contact at Pepper’s Pax set up the meet. Black Jack will arrange for a secure docking bay for Sage’s ship in the planet’s second largest city of Sol Negro, and transportation to the meet.

Sol Negro is a hotbed of smuggling and narco-spice trafficking. It is haven to pirates, smugglers and villainous scum of all types. It serves as the planetary hub of the Black Sun’s criminal activities. Most of the local bounty hunters stick to Darlyn Boda City where their guild has a headquarters and some influence, but they occasionally find side jobs working for the Black Sun as enforcers and thugs.


The Great Escape

Having freed the prisoners, Quinn and Kamahl led them through the turbolifts and back to the Stormtrooper Barracks and Security Station. The Imperials had set up several blockades, including EWEB Blaster emplacements. Using grenades to their tactical advantage, they managed to split into two groups. Flambeaux led the freed prisoners toward the hangar while Quinn, Kamahl and Cherrea Ri made their way to the Longstrider. Quinn used the Force to manipulate an ion cannon into overloading, knocking out all power throughout the Destroyer. Flambeaux and the prisoners stole shuttles and escaped. Quinn’s crew discovered a tracking device and removed it, then followed the stolen shuttles to the jump point.

Meanwhile, Rath and Evincar led their shuttle convoy up from Hoth. Rath created an illusion of Y-Wings emerging from the asteroid field to draw off the TIE escorts from the ISD. Then he spotted a Gamma Class Assault Shuttle and five Starwing Assault Gunboats headed his way. He managed to knock out the crews using the Force and his shuttle crews captured the ships.

All the ships collected and linked to make the jump to the Rebel Rendevouz point, but as they were finalizing their calculation, Darth Vader’s command ship dropped out of hyperspace. With no time to spare, Rath rushed the jump and had a near miss with a rogue planet. In the end they arrived safely at the Rebel Fleet.

Jack’s Betrayal

Sage was accosted by five bounty hunters at a speeder rental store. Mercedes took down two and Sage gunned down the other three after an attempt to parlay fell through. Sage discovered that Jack the droid had robbed his ship in his absence. Following a series of street leads, he followed the droid’s trail to Sol Negro and a “droid only” repair shop named Ratchet and Crank. It was guarded by IG series droids, old Clone War Era Spider Droids and Vulture Droids. Sage waited five days until Jack emerged in a Super Vulture Droid body with the red and gold paint scheme he seemed so fond of. The reunion was short lived as Jack tried to blow Sage up. Sage had R2-FU take the Gryphon back to the Rebel Base for safe keeping.

Sage entered the big game with most of his remaining funds he had on him. He made it to the last hand on the third day and laid down a Sabaac, only to be beat by a Fool’s Sabaac, the only hand that could.

The meet went more smoothly. Black Jack proved to be a gracious host and paid 500,000 for the bacta. he also sold Sage a medium transport for 160,000. Sage spent a couple more days at the tables while the Rebels geared up, then accompanied them to the Fleet.

Session Awards

Rath: 20 CP + 1 Extra Force Point
Quinn: 20 CP + 1 Extra Force Point
Sage: 20 CP
Mercedes: 5 CP
Evincar: 5 CP
Cherrea: 20 CP
Kamahl: 20 CP

Escaping the Tyrant

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