Artoo Eff Yoo

R2-FU is an Astromech Droid given to Sage Tymon at the Battle of Sev


R2-FU is a noisy red R-2 Astromech with some carbon scoring and a few dents. She has a reputation for leg humping which comes from attempts to get the attention of her owner, Sage Tymon, by bumping into him repeatedly during times of crisis.


Originally designated R2-F0, the active little droid had a portion of his identification number worn off the top of the zero during the Battle of Sev, making it look like the letter ‘U’. Eff Yoo was the prototype in the Neipas fighter astromech series. Painted in Phoenix Squadron red, the droid proved to be tempermental, ambitious and extremely loyal. It was followed by R2-F1, R2-F2, etc. Although noone has ever attempted to check the gender identity protocols, Eff Yoo identifies itself in the feminine.

Artoo Eff Yoo

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