Colonel Flambeaux

Commander 6th Regiment Echo Base


Stephen is rugged and tough like most folk from Mantooine. He stands 1.83 meters tall and weighs 87 kg. He has dark auburn hair and penetrating blue eyes. His mannerism tends to be cocky and self-assured, some might say arrogant. He has little use for those he doesn’t know personally, unless he is using them toward some cause or in the process of saving them. This may stem from the xenophobic stance Mantooine has toward the rest of the Galaxy as a whole. He has a tangible dislike of “furries” and shapeshifters. He has a deep, resonating voice. The kind that makes men leap to action and women melt.

•Mantooine Medal of Bravery
•Crimson Phoenix Medal of the Rebel Alliance
•Star Cluster Medal
•Despayre Liberation Medal
•Despayre Distinguished Cross
•Calamari Liberation Medal
•Neipas Medal of Valor
•Alliance Distinguished Cross (2nd award)
•Resistance Flame
•Mon Calamari Star (2nd award)


“The military don’t start wars. Politicians start wars.”
~Colonel Stephen Flambeaux

Born in 27 BBY on Mantooine into a large working class family. Stephen joined the Mantooine Liberators against the Imperial presence on Mantooine, successfully sacking the garrison there. The retalliation by an Imperial Strike Fleet near Fest was nightmarish for the people of Mantooine. The Liberators fled into the mountains, using guerilla warfare tactics to strike and fade against the Empire. Only 13 years old, Stephen was captured during a raid and hung by Imperial Army Troopers. He survived, being cut down by sympathetic townsfolk. He became a member of the Atrivis Resistance Group at fifteen. By 20, he had joined the fledgling seeds of the Rebellion as a SpecForce Infiltrator and became the infamous leader of Phoenix Squadron. At 23 he saw the Declaration of Rebellion formally made. He was a Colonel by 26. He continued serving the Rebellion for the next three years. By 29 he had enough of the bickering and internal bureacracy. Tired of the bureaucracy within the Rebel Alliance, Colonel Flambeaux resigned his commission to go independent, effectively dissolving the Eighth Regiment Training Command on Neipas (Phoenix Squadron). After destroying Phoenix Isle Base, he left for Vergesso and his next set of adventures. Eventually this led him back to Shesharile 5. Then fate led him back to the Rebellion on Hoth…

Colonel Flambeaux

STAR WARS Flambeaux