Rath Sunrider

Young Noble Entertainer


Sir Rath Sunrider is a handsome young Corellian, although he can and has passed for Alderanian due to some Lorrdian features from his mother’s side. He dresses in extravagent finery befitting a noble or a music diva and carries a top of the line custom Synth Guitar.


Born a Corellian freighter captain’s son Rath seemed to be blessed in anything he set his mind to. His mother was a Lorrdian Jedi, but she was forced to leave early in his life due to the Jedi purge and both Rath and his father assumed she was eventually killed by the Empire. Rath needed only receive minimal instruction in nearly anything to excel at any task. After his father was killed he took over the ship and was making an okay go of it when he picked up some passengers in the entertainment industry.

Taking a keen interest in their lifestyles he exploded onto the holo and music scenes with outstanding performances. He underwent cybernetic modifications to enhance his performances and make special recordings to pass his experiences on to others. He seemed to draw all kinds of attention, some wanted and some not, from all sorts of people including those on both sides of the war.

On Alderaan he befriended the Organa family and even helped organize a relief benefit and rescue operation to Dak, also known as Calamari. For his efforts he was inducted into the Order of the Rose as a knight of Alderaan. He became embroiled with the rebellion becoming a secret warrior for them while keeping up the image of a spoiled rich entertainer.

On Camaas, Rath discovered his mother was still alive and that she was actually living with her old Jedi master. The reason for his ease of mastering all things was actually an inherent knack for calling upon the force which had been boosting his abilities. Rath helped the remaining Jedi relocate to Neipas, but the reunion was not as sweet as it might have been since he also learned that Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star.

Upon returning to Colossus he was faced with out of control Droidekas and when Brazik went to disable them a Grav-Mag pulse was set off destroying all the electronics on the base which included Rath’s cybernetic systems. Luckily the Smoking Blaster was close by and he was rescued. Boroth couldn’t replace the cybernetics, but was able to regrow the damaged organs and restore Rath to normal human status. Rath had little time to readjust as he soon after learned Phoenix Squadron had been destroyed and a traitor had informed the Empire of his involvement with the Rebellion making him a fugitive.

Rath settled on Ossus for a time and studied with Ood Bnar to become much more confident in his abilities. He was eventually called away when he felt his mother and the other Jedi of Phrym were in danger. Returning to Aesad Aerap he learned the Empire was invading the Sev system. Feeling the official response would be too slow he set out to delay the attack with a Phoenix Y-Wing. Joined by another Phoenix Y-Wing, an X-Wing, The Smoking Blaster, and Phoenix One the plan became bolder as the small team decided to destroy three Nebulon-B cruisers and attempt a run on the Command Ship. The attack was a shocking success and convinced the remaining two Star Destroyers to surrender effectively giving control of Aesad Aerap back to the Compact and giving them much more capable defenses.

Leaving Aesad Aerap again Rath went to Shesharile to have the Blaster upgraded and search for Jedi in peril of Imperial discovery. He found many of his old companions had went to the dark-side and meant to destroy him. Luckily his new companions proved more than a match for the ambush, although they remain trapped under an Imperial blockade with a Sith Life-Witch hunting for Jedi on the planet. Eventually the blockade lifted and presumably the Sith Agent left with them.

Rath hit the clubs on Shesharile to pursue his music career once more. He called it getting back to his roots. Then Sage Tymon returned with some bad news…

Rath Sunrider

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