Sage Tymon

Corellian Gambler


Sage is your typical charming Corellian gambler. Flashy clothes, flashy smile, and a flashy DL-44 that he is not scared to draw and use in a tight situation. If he is ever scruffy looking it is because he has been at the card tables gambling and drinking Corellian whiskey and smoking Corellian cigars for the past 2 or 3 days. He has been known to take a mark for everything he has down to the clothes on his back.


Sage has had a series of successful ventures and a few risky situations involving the Rebel Alliance. He is the proud owner of a SoroSubb Luxury 5000, perhaps one of the finer personal space yachts ever made. He has some buisiness investments and a good deal of personal cash built up.

He has won bigger than he has lost so far. With a buisiness venture going strong on Shesharile, things seemed to be going good.

Then came some bad luck. Sage was flying a run into Echo Base at Hoth, but when he dropped out of hyperspace he discovered an Imperial fleet had arrived ahead of him. It took some tricky flying and near misses to escape and make the jump back into hyperspace. He fled for Shesharile, but not likely before being identified by the Empire…

Sage Tymon